System Preferences Reimagined on macOS — Basic Apple Guy

System Preferences Reimagined on macOS — Basic Apple Guy:

As features have continued being added to macOS, Apple has opted to force new preferences inside existing ones to avoid icon overcrowding. Focus Mode on iOS is crammed into the new ‘Notifications & Focus’ tab on macOS, Night Shift is a tiny button on the bottom right under the Display settings, and the Control Centre is managed behind the ‘Dock & Menu Bar’ icon through a process of having the user individually click-through 15+ different tabs to customize their Menu Bar.

And while some settings are crammed together, others feel needlessly scattered. AppleID, Family Sharing, Internet Accounts, & Users & Groups are four different preference icons, while on iOS they are essentially all managed under a single tab. Showing the Bluetooth icon in the Menu Bar is done through the ‘Bluetooth’ settings, while changing the clock is done in the ‘Dock & Menu Bar’ settings, not the ‘Date & Time’ option.

[Yes. It’s truly a mess. I’m pretty confident that the designers at Apple know this but can’t get this work prioritized. It seems familiar and yet strange at a company of that scope and scale.]

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