A Tale of Two Pools

A Tale of Two Pools – Zeldman on Web and Interaction Design:

we’d have returned to the hotel for a long day’s lounging in and around the pool. We made up imaginary and ridiculous Disney movies, describing the trailers to each other. (In “The Dog Who Shit Nickels,” when the suburban neighbor, pointing to a pile of coins, complains to dog owner Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Look what your dog did on my lawn!”, Arnold says, “Keep ze change.”) We splashed, we swam, we paddled.

[Excellence in summer vaca.]


Teach Woodworking – or Else – Lost Art Press:

Finally, I try to learn from my students. Even a first-day woodworker can teach me something because they are coming at it with fresh eyes. Or without preconceived notions.

[Lots of truths in that list no matter what you are teaching. And while I know everyone categorizes certain types of knowledge I believe this applies to everything. You can always teach what you know, regardless of topic, but I do make one request. Only teach what you know by doing. If you can’t practice the thing you’re teaching (lots of topics leap to mind) then maybe it requires some level of certification. If you’re not a surgeon, maybe trying to teach surgery is a, er, um, less good idea.]