Async fn in trait MVP comes to nightly

Async fn in trait MVP comes to nightly:

The async working group is excited to announce that async fn can now be used in traits in the nightly compiler. You can now write code like this:


trait Database {
    async fn fetch_data(&self) -> String;

impl Database for MyDb {
    async fn fetch_data(&self) -> String { ... }

A full working example is available in the playground. There are some limitations we’ll cover, as well as a few known bugs to be worked out, but we think it is ready for some users try. Read on for the specifics.


Source: Inside Rust Blog

Command Bars

Command Bars:

Maggie Appleton (via Dan Grover):

Command bars are command-line bars that pop up in the middle of the screen when you hit a certain keyboard shortcut.


Rather than remembering which sub-sub-sub menu a function lives in, users need only remember its name.

They don’t even have to remember its exact name. Fuzzy search can help them find it by simply typing in similar names or related keywords.

I’ve long used LaunchBar as a universal command bar, but now some of the productivity apps that I use daily have their own versions with app-specific commands. In BBEdit, it’s Go ‣ Command… (Command-Shift-U). In Tower, it’s File ‣ Quick Actions (Command-Shift-A). And macOS adds a built-in command searcher to each app’s Help menu (Command-?). Part of the appeal is discovering new commands or quickly locating infrequently used ones, but I also find it useful for commonly used commands in an app where the convenient keyboard shortcuts are already in use.

[Yeah. I dig them. I’ve been using Alfred for quite a while…]