MINICOOL one spray unit 479mm – MC2000 | Minicool | Noga Engineering

MINICOOL one spray unit 479mm – MC2000 | Minicool | Noga Engineering:

NOGA Minicool is using the VENTURI principle to spray an air + liquid mixture. The Minicool enables the user to easily control both the air flow rate and liquid rate.
– Strong magnetic base.
– Separate o/off air and fluid control.
– Stainless steel armoured syphone hose and air hose.
– Simple,inexpensive,rugged.
– Nozzle connected via Loc-Line® flexible hose.
– Single spray unit.
– Also available with 2m syphon hose (order no. MC2010), or with 2m Air hose (order no. MC2020), or with 2m Air and Syphon hoses (order no. MC2030)


Announcing Auth.js

Announcing Auth.js:

Announcing Auth.js! 🔒Authentication for the Web.

– Brand new `@​auth/core` package,
– Runtime/framework agnostic
– Web standard APIs
– Builds on NextAuth.js conventions/API
– Decoupled from Next.js & Node.js.

We’re adding official support for new frameworks…
Starting with SvelteKit! 🎉

Today, SvelteKit 1.0 was announced, and we thought that
this is the perfect opportunity to let everyone know what we’ve been working on.