The week in links (08/16)

Here’s the advocacy section for this week. Our team has been using “exercise” balls to sit on during the day. This started because because of the appallingly sedentary hours we put in, and its negative effect on our health. The “Ballympics” is not far away, where feats of balance, strength, and prowess will be on

The week in links (08/11) the-lowdown-on-routes-in-rails-3 baseline-testing-with-curl the-house-that-patience-built coffee-script/ flipping-out/ how-we-deploy-new-features-on-forrst how-we-deploy-new-features Socket.IO using-and-and-or-in-ruby do-you-know-how-slow-your-web-page-is  The Webkit Team added WOFF support for @font-face user_streams