Appliances or platforms?

Staff Roundtable: Apple Should Do No Harm to iPhones: Similarly, although Apple apparently attaches no importance to enabling independent applications, users (like Glenn and Joe, and many others) disagree. Apple needs to understand that the iPhone will be a platform whether or not Apple likes it, and managing that process will prove more effective and lucrative than ignoring it (or fighting it, which will just generate bad press). Perhaps Apple should learn from Microsoft, which listened to its customers and will be selling Windows XP for six months longer than previously announced, due to anemic uptake of Windows Vista. [Not only will Apple lose, but all these appliances can become platforms which can be far greater sources of revenue if only Apple would learn from its past. All sorts of folks can use these things as appliances and enjoy the Jobsian experience. Others can hack and add all sorts of stuff, and make these devices what they want. Jobs has to learn to let go.]
Source: TidBITS

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