Staff Roundtable: Apple Should Do No Harm to iPhones

Staff Roundtable: Apple Should Do No Harm to iPhones: Now, I hold no truck with the notion that companies have constitutional rights. That’s part of the erosion of personal liberty in favor of so-called corporate rights that began in earnest in the 20th century. (You can read Peachpit Press founder Ted Nace’s book “Gangs of America” on this topic; it’s a free download.) But you have to admire the chutzpah that lets a cell carrier assert a constitutionally guaranteed right to prevent choice among its consumers as a matter of “speech.”

The FCC replied in its rule-making on the matter, “To the extent that a choice of device or application implicates First Amendment values at all, we think that our requirements promote rather than restrict expressive freedom because they provide consumers with greater choice in the devices and applications they may use to communicate.” Well put – and rather radical in its true conservatism. [Chutzpa doesn’t begin to characterize this sort of thing. Which of our presidential candidates has something to say on this issue? I’ve so much research to do…]
Source: TidBITS

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