Matthew Parris Apologizes

Matthew Parris Apologizes: Matthew Parris in his Times column today posted a brief apology for his Christmas attack on cyclists. (See my post yesterday.)

Today Parris wrote:

“I offended many with my Christmas attack on cyclists. It was meant humorously but so many cyclists have taken it seriously that I plainly misjudged. I am sorry.”

Not much, but he did admit to a misjudgment, I’ll take it. Thank you Mr. Parris.

It just goes to show cyclists as a world wide group, do have a voice. When we all come together as in this case, it is a loud voice indeed and people can’t help but hear it.

Let’s hope lessons have been learned and some good will come out of this. Maybe Matthew Parris and some of his fellow journalists will at least tone it down in the future.

[Here’s the problem, none of these cyclists who are forever watchdogging all the comments of others (and granted beheading is a bit strong) ever wonder or decry the fact that cyclists the world over are perceived the same way. What can we, as a community, do about the issues the press and individuals raise? No small impact the clothing, packaging, manufacturing, etc have on the environment, or the lawlessness and discourtesy that are often foisted on an unsuspecting public that has no framework to understand our point of view, and worse, we do it with a righteous attitude rife with implication that we are saving the world! How about we work on *that* some more?]
Source: Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog

2 thoughts on “Matthew Parris Apologizes

  1. Cool.

    I should add that the Rockland Bike Club, of which I am a member, strongly advocates and practices lawful bike riding, and rides follow all traffic regulations as they pertain to bicycles and vehicles on the road (no running lights, stop signs etc., riding single file where required or appropriate, etc, etc. Not to say that there isn’t more work to be done, and we’re not the only group riding around, but it starts at home.

    More companies that produce food and clothes for cyclists need to be made aware of the impact of their products packaging, and the industry as a whole needs to remain aware and hopefully on the cutting edge of reducing its impact on the world. Riding is just one way.

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