Bike Network 2.0

Bike Network 2.0: Her team created a modified Google Map that enables cyclists to log on and trace the routes they ride every day. Watch the data pile up, and voila — sensible bike routes. “We found out where the actual desire lines are,” she said. “Using existing technology was great.” [Most excellent! Notes on how they did it here.]
Source: StreetsBlog

Where a Dollar Will Get You

Where a Dollar Will Get You: Ticket prices start at $1 (plus a 50-cent booking fee) and go up to market value, according to Dustin Clark, a Greyhound representative. Currently the market value is about $25. The earlier passengers book their tickets, the lower their fare will be. Passengers can book tickets up to six months in advance, and $1 tickets will remain available until the tickets sell out. Any extra seats can be filled by standby passengers on the day of travel, and walk-up tickets can be purchased for full price (market value). Ticket holders who purchase tickets online are guaranteed a seat, but BoltBus advises getting to the pickup point about 15 minutes before departure. [Nice idea. Where’s the bike rack?]
Source: Intelligent Travel