Mojo: Fruit Nut Dipped and Crunch

The Great Mojo bar Taste Test continues…

In our last episode our intrepid hero had delivered Mojo bars to fellow cyclists of taste, breeding, and class. Or maybe not. Hard for me to say. Anyway, they’re busy crunching their way through the bars and will be posting about them shortly. More were delivered Sunday, and the final batch are going out this week.

As for me, I’ve been enjoying the fruit/nut combos. There are two different bars, one of the new “dipped” flavors and and one of the original recipe. On comment I should make which is familiar to all who eat food in the outdoors during the winter. Be careful to warm the product as best you can (inside pocket, close to something warm etc.) because almost any food that doesn’t freeze solid still turns into a rock. Some flavors are better than others… but still. You gots to be careful or, well… you may lose a tooth.

That said, I’ve always loved dried fruit and nuts, so these flavors should kinda be a natural for me. Unfortunately, I find them a bit sweet and since the part of the Clif Mojo thing that I dig is that they are salty… at least saltier, this is not a good thing. I disclaim that I cook with very little salt, and eat almost no processed sugar and very few sugary sweets, candy bars, and the like. These bars are about as close as I come. No big philosophical thing here, simply what I need to do to stay healthy. YMMV. Anyway, I find dried fruit very sweet, and so these Mojo flavors are especially sweet tasting to me. I wish they were saltier. I do. But they’re not. Sigh.

So while I like them, they fall into the “everything” else category of sweetish tasting power bars. Fine for what they are, but missing the essence of Mojoness for me.