Cyclists are remembered by friends and teammates.

Cyclists are remembered by friends and teammates.: Gough and Peterson were on a training ride with about 8 other riders in Cupertino. A third cyclist hit by the patrol car, 20-year-old Christopher Knapp of Germany, was in stable condition Monday at Stanford University Medical Center, according to the San Francisco Chronicle Web site.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating why Santa Clara County Deputy James Council, 27, crossed the centerline on a right turn and hit the cyclists head on at about 10:30 a.m. Council, who had been with the department for 18 months, was put on administrative leave. He had started his 12 1/2-hour shift at 6 a.m.

Two witnesses said Council told them he had fallen asleep at the wheel, the Chronicle reported. [RIP. Peace to the families and to everyone who was involved.]
Source: The Journal of Competitive Cycling –

Take me back to the start

Take me back to the start: Out on the trail, the value of your paltry possessions takes on a whole different meaning. Clothing becomes as valuable as the body parts it protects. Electronic gadgets are heavy luxuries. A hack repair job that keeps a bicycle running is as good as gold. Cash is worthless. And kindness can change the world. [I need some trail time. It’s been too long. Way too long. Maybe in a few months? Definitely!]
Source: Up in Alaska

Oh, so sad about grandpa. We had to put him in a home.

Oh, so sad about grandpa. We had to put him in a home.: I sure have to go to the bathroom, these damn antibiotics and the flu are keeping me pretty often in the bathroom. Oh, look we have a copy of Bicycling’s Gear Guide. I’ll read that. Sure wonder what that gunpowder smell is, oh well. [Funny, funny. I’m the same way. Some days I find at the very end of the day that one thing I said I have to do today i still undone. Although David seems to have more “burn down the house” moments than I do.]
Source: Attention Deficit David

The long slide to gone

The long slide to gone: We spend a lot of time talking about the ends and the means, but it’s also worth considering whether the journey is worth the reward. If you have to compromise what you do just to keep doing it, what’s the point? [Sometimes the point is just surviving for a while, but I think Seth’s point is larger one, and a good one. We have so little time. Make it all count.]
Source: Seth’s Blog

Bike Network 2.0

Bike Network 2.0: Her team created a modified Google Map that enables cyclists to log on and trace the routes they ride every day. Watch the data pile up, and voila — sensible bike routes. “We found out where the actual desire lines are,” she said. “Using existing technology was great.” [Most excellent! Notes on how they did it here.]
Source: StreetsBlog

Where a Dollar Will Get You

Where a Dollar Will Get You: Ticket prices start at $1 (plus a 50-cent booking fee) and go up to market value, according to Dustin Clark, a Greyhound representative. Currently the market value is about $25. The earlier passengers book their tickets, the lower their fare will be. Passengers can book tickets up to six months in advance, and $1 tickets will remain available until the tickets sell out. Any extra seats can be filled by standby passengers on the day of travel, and walk-up tickets can be purchased for full price (market value). Ticket holders who purchase tickets online are guaranteed a seat, but BoltBus advises getting to the pickup point about 15 minutes before departure. [Nice idea. Where’s the bike rack?]
Source: Intelligent Travel

Guitarist Jeff Healey dies at 41

The Ampersand: Canadian guitarist Jeff Healey has died in Toronto Sunday after a battle with cancer. He was 41. The news was released on his website, Here’s a statement from his site. “Following a lengthy struggle with cancer, Healey passes away on the eve of the release of a new blues rock album.” [His struggle is evident in his music. That’s the mark for which we all search. RIP.]