Trouble in Capital City

Trouble in Capital City: I suppose the lack of public discourse is because saying you’re opposed to a major public-works housing project being located directly adjacent to the retail hub of the village makes one sound like a bigot—it sounds like you’re saying you’re not in favor of the people who live there.

Personally, I’m not in favor of the criminals that live there, just as I’m not in favor of criminals that live anywhere else. But really I’m not in favor of is a social-political development that fosters the continued dependance on the broken unemployment and social assistance programs in our country. I’m not in favor of any development that makes people of any income class live in small, squalid housing with little to no job training and no connection to the community.

I’m not in favor of treating people like lesser citizens because they make less money on average than most. I’m not in favor of ugly subsidized public housing that ends up fostering crime.

Maybe instead of talking about parking meters and who is going to run the marina and to what end, we should talk about how to develop sustainable housing in Nyack for ALL income classes, without making any look or feel like they are second class citizens, and without creating further blight in Nyack. [Right on David, right effin on.]
Source: Attention Deficit David