More of the Great Clif Mojo bar Taste Test

So a while back, when I started the Great Clif Mojo bar Taste Test and we’ve had a very cold spring. What that means is that the results are taking quite some time to accumulate. Sure the folks are riding and doing, but not the sort of long rides where somehow tastes change in odd ways, or where they need to pack energy along in the first place. (Little known secret, unless you’re a skinny sort, working out all the time etc. you don’t need extra calories (generally) for a two hour bike ride. I tell you three times.)

However some more results were written up a while back, and I never got around to posting. SO without further ado I present the always lovely, impossibly snarky, funny, and joyous Jenni on her Mojo bar experience.

The first thing that I’d add before I move along to the next bit of commentary, is that Jenni didn’t even know these existed… which doesn’t say much for Clif marketing. Sure this seems a bit like biting the hand that fed us (we did get the bars from clearly happening and with it Dean Mayer of Clif Bar Inc. afterall) but one so generous and kind will surely understand that I’m merely trying to point out that they are not achieving nearly the market penetration they should out here in the East, at least with Mojo bars.)

Next up was a partial report from David. Besides being the President of the Rockland Bike Club, he’s also an incredibly talented and created soul who authors columns, reviews, and books on photography, software, and stuff. He travels a lot, seems to find more than his fair share of food poisoning, and has done stuff like biked across Alaska. So without further ado, his rejoinder and first comments.

More comments to come soon… I’m sure. Right? Hello? Seth? David? What’s that? I haven’t finished yet either? Yeah, yeah. It’s coming. Soon. Really. No, seriously.

Spring baseline ride…

A quick ride with Gerry this morning. First I had to drop off Noah, then run down to Piermont for our start. Too much stress. Naturally, it was 35 degrees (F) outside as I was getting dressed, but it was warming quickly. Gerry had already been riding already (naturally) so after a couple of minutes of my fumbling around with clothes, off we went. First annoyance, the heart rate monitor wasn’t being read. It connected shortly into the ride though.

This was the first ride on the “Weapon of Choice” with the light wheels installed. I’m not really any lighter, as I recover from the enforced carbs of Passover, but the winter wheels need some attention, and I don’t want to keep riding on them until they get it. Naturally, the beater wheels have an old, not really working cassette on them, so they were not an option. I kept a light thought and prayed that I would not drop into a water system cover hole or something and taco a wheel.

Stats for this sneak a ride before work thing were 15.67 miles in 1:03:39.44, Avg pace 4:03/mi, Avg speed 14.8mph, Max speed 23.8. Avg heart 130bpm, Max heart 158 with just under 500ft of climbing (essentially flat). Not bad numbers for me in spring—better overall for this time period than over the last two years.daniel_gerry_loop.png