Jack Brown Green’s… a little Hampsten for my commute

jack_brown_green.jpgAmongst my other chores today was replacing the skinny, fast, tires on the fixie with something a bit more plush. Now there’s lot’s more cush and they’re smooth rolling. It’s a commute, not a race (mostly :~)

I love that the tire dimensions are listed on the package as 622 x 33.33333… you can see the continuation line on the tire itself (below). They make a “Brown” version that is slightly heavier and reinforced.

On the right is my Salsa Casserole in it’s current minimalist config, now with the JB Greens. I got mine through Rivendell, a bastion of practical cycling.

Below is Andy Hampsten’s Strada Bianca Ti. Same tires… but I’ve never won the Giro. Make of that what you will. Credit for the picture of Andy’s bike credit goes to the irrepressible James Huang of Cyclingnews.com.


[Update: I did 15 miles on this setup. As nice as I could hope for. Onward!]

8 thoughts on “Jack Brown Green’s… a little Hampsten for my commute

  1. Tim says:

    Would you be able to fit fenders on your casserole while running the JBs? I’ve been wondering about that as I contemplate buying a cass and just came across your post googling Jack Browns (which I’d love to be able to use as my all-weather commuting tire, but I’m thinking I may need Surly’s LHT to fit them with fenders).

  2. I’ll have to look… I haven’t tried to run them with fenders and I’m not near bike at the moment. I’ll try and post again tonight (08/13/2008)

  3. Mike says:

    Great blog. I know this post is impossibly old, but I thought I would take a shot anyway.

    I came across your site looking for info on the Jack Browns as I’m in need of new tires. And, as fate would have it, I also ride a Casseroll. And have a son named Noah.

    Did you like them? Still have them or replace them with the same?

    They aren’t cheap and I run fenders on mine so clearance is a concern.

    • Thanks.

      Nice synchronicity. I recommend some changes though since if you’re copying my life there’s a few things that could go better :)

      I still do ride them, and they’ve held up nicely. I also ride two others. The Rolly Polly/Ruffy Tuffy size will work far easier with fenders (on the Cass.) and have most of the same benefits since they are 27c instead of 33.

      I’ve also been riding Challenge Parigi Roubaix’s which are 27c but measure out as 28ish and are wonderful if expensive for commuting. They’re also fairly light, and for commuting would prolly be a bit more prone to flat, but I’ve been riding them for sporting purposes (Battenkill, and other rougher road rides, but no the daily grind) and love the supple ride.

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