123B_FRONT_OPEN1.jpg There’s a certain amount of synchronicity in my life. New things pop up in several places at once. In this case a friend with whom I often pass design ideas, sites, and writing sent me a link to the design of a token he liked, and another blog pointed me to Freeman Transport who making a fixie bike with S&S couplers and a bag to match. The bag looks like the work of Billykirk, which a few days I never would have known. There’s a link on the sidebar… cool.

Anyway, the designs are interesting, and I heard from Chris Bray when I wrote about a future product, and we’ve been passing design ideas back and forth. Cool. I love the understated simplicity coupled with handworked quality that seems to be the hallmark of their designs. Personally, I like the No. 123 Shoulder Pouch and from the Preview page, the item I wrote to Chris about the No. 206 ‘Green’ Giant Shopper. (Bergundy? Oh yeah…)

And to my biking friends, Freeman Transport will be selling the bag by itself.


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