Weapon of choice (winter division)

IMG_0129.jpgLittle steps on the way to the fall/winter season…

I have a new wheel. It’s got a blingy Chris King singlespeed hub in red. But wait you say, it looks like there’s gears on there? And Hmmm. 6 of them? Strange. The idea is to build a very strong and stiff wheel, so Jeff Jones reworks an cassette to create a 34 -17 set, designed around using a singlespeed hub so that there’s no offset. The wheel is built with equally tensioned spokes. It also makes it super easy to convert to a single speed should I desire. Nice. All part of the WOC(WD) (see the title).


4 thoughts on “Weapon of choice (winter division)

  1. I don’t know… I am apparently light on my wheels.

    I routinely ride a wheelset that is 18 front/20 back with no problems. I don’t know that they’ll last years and years, but I’ve never folded one, broken a spoke, etc. and I check for cracks etc. fairly frequently. I admit that I’m still becoming a strong rider, use high pressure, and think light thoughts.

    I do run significantly heavier wheels during the winter when the roads are worse, and when you can’t always see the holes…

    That said this beauty is a 32 spoke wheel. Additionally, because it is designed around the single speed hub it is not dished. So it is a stiffer and stronger rear wheel than standard rear wheel.

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