Fat Tires

Fat Tires: The horrible roads don’t seem as bad, the bumps not quite so severe. I didn’t lose much in the form of performance, in many ways I’ve gained. In many situations the fatties handle better. [snip -ed] I don’t plan on riding skinny ever again.

Here’s another blog entry with a similar theme. [I can’t make such an emphatic statement. I love both for what they are. There’s a time and a place. At the moments my tires run from 2.35 (Schwalbe Big Apple) fatties to 35c and 33 middle of the roads, to 21/23c skinnies. They all have their place, and they’re all lovely. I will add that as the weather turns colder I spend more time on fatter tires. Seems like part of the cycle of life.]
Source: MnBicycleCommuter