Practical Improvements

Practical Improvements: The result? A non-leaking, non-dribbling, non-spilling way to drink that Susan can easily find even in the dark. She doesn’t have to lift a bottle or cup, and can just let the bite valve fall out of her mouth when she’s done.

I believe this may be the best use of Camelbak technology, ever. I’m surprised that they don’t have setups like these in hospitals; they’re much easier for a sick patient to get to than a traditional cup.

[Many years ago (way more than 5, which puts its in the misty, hazy, time before my reckoning) my mother had shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff due to a fall. The confluence of “her side of the bed” and the shoulder surgery made it extremely painful to pick up a glass to have something to drink. So I grabbed my Camelbak, hung it over the post of her bed, and left the tube on the other side where she could reach it pain free. Not only is it easier to handle, but you can adjust the height easily. While Eldon was ingenious, he was not breaking new ground, as I doubt I was, even back then.]
Source: Fat Cyclist

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