Waining days of Summer

Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 3.05.58 PM.pngWhere was I? Oh yeah. Right. Got it. Vacation. We’ve been having a nice time despite work intrusions, worry about my sister’s ongoing digestive issues etc. Yesterday I decided it was high time I got back on my bike and spun out the kinks after taking a week and half off. I hadn’t seen the Lakeside crew in quite some time… in fact, I had no recollection of having done even a single loop around the Lake all year, but it turns out I had, as a part of a much longer ride.I thought I’d catch up and take it easy…

It was one of the more disorderly rides because of the size of the group, mechanical problems, and the widely varying levels. Lots of fun, but I wound up chasing and recovering rather the equivalent of strolling calmly. My knees let me know it today.

photo_2.jpgI did a quick 23 miler with Jenni today because time is always short on a Friday. It’s one her favorite loops—from Suffern to Ridegwood and back. I forgot to take an NSAID when the ride started and so had a bit of pain from cranky knees, but nothing to I couldn’t handle. I climbed a bit slower on one section than I would have preferred, but the climbing was less painful than some of the steady state stuff. Should be all healed by the next ride. Temps were nice (which means I started out cool), sun and laughter were abundant, and a few glimpses of a nearing autumn.


Soon, my commute into the City will beckon, but for now it’s all about the waining days of Summer, spending time with Lisa and Noah, embracing the very finest life has to offer. I’m also trying to work with my favorite companies on some fundraising ideas for next year. So far, no one has even responded. I’m hoping that they too are enjoying the end of summer…