The week in links (08/30)

It’s been slow, as is usual for the “end” of summer. Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages. RVM hits 1.0. The interactive sketching notation is an emerging visual language which affords the representation of interface states and event-based user actions. [Um… a few conventions never hurt.]… Continue reading The week in links (08/30)

The week in links (08/11) the-lowdown-on-routes-in-rails-3 baseline-testing-with-curl the-house-that-patience-built coffee-script/ flipping-out/ how-we-deploy-new-features-on-forrst how-we-deploy-new-features Socket.IO using-and-and-or-in-ruby do-you-know-how-slow-your-web-page-is  The Webkit Team added WOFF support for @font-face user_streams

How to Support 5,000 Customers with No Support Staff

How to Support 5,000 Customers with No Support Staff: It will probably surprise you to find out that we actually have no dedicated support personnel inside of New Relic! Each and every support request is handled by a development engineer who has full access to our entire source base, and the full authority to do… Continue reading How to Support 5,000 Customers with No Support Staff