Hill Climb Sundays (Nov 7th 2010 Edition)

The wind was relentless today. And because my outdoor thermometer broke a few weeks ago, I have a much poorer sense of how cold it is outside. I used too little glove, so my hands were painfully cold at times, and I could’ve used hotter embro on my partially exposed legs. I also didn’t drink enough, and so all put together I got a couple of near cramps, but I managed to work past them.

It was the longest ride I’ve done in a while, with 2168ft of climbing, because we’ve been super busy lately… but I knew that folks and Team Fatty members specifically were running the NYC Marathon today, and I used them for motivation.

I only took a couple of pics because stopping was not helpful and my hands were too cold to take my gloves off more than once or twice, but these two capture the sense of the day, cold, clear, and bright. They don’t capture the cold and wind.