Renewal of all sorts

It is with small bits that many projects start. Beautifully machined little critters are they not? More on these later…


Recycled cotton, and touch of stretchy stuff. Not made to match, plenty of colors. Joy.


No pics from today’s ride. It was cold and brief. I lacked motivation today… too much to do off the bike. I did clean my mountain bike, and gave it a spin. Changed the saddle too. Tried to change the gears out, but the alt gears hit the spokes and I don’t have an appropriately sized spacer. Added to the todo list. I have to trim the steerer tube as well. Noted.


Hinge on mailbox door breaks. I think about just sticking a pin in there and calling it a day. Second hinge is on its last legs, lots of rust everywhere as well. Ah well. Oh look, the post is loose and leaning over. Naturally, there isn’t a lick of concrete pier anywhere to be seen. Post is rotting. Track down a new mailbox (wow, mailboxen are ‘spensive). Magazine holder and new post also. Since winter is coming, I’m not getting involved in a pier, plus, I’d really like to move the darn thing. It was placed with this stupid assumption about stopping with the car hanging half into the street while you hop out and get the mail… if I did it it would be a great way to get the car totaled or myself killed. Box should be moved to the non-existent front walk. Why no walk? Easy. Who would ever do anything but get into their car? Walking? What am I nuts? At this point I’m simply hoping not to annoy the postal folk… bolting, mounting, temp plywood, and some stones are in order.


Can’t believe how many bulbs I’ve been replacing lately. Considering I try *not* to use incandescent bulbs this is getting very expensive. And some of the fixtures are a pain to change. Noted for the next remodel project if or when…