Closer and closer…

More rebuild bits have arrived…


Build bits

In an unrelated note… this years Chanuka treats. Both were keepers!

marshmallow and chocolate dreidels

Chocolate toffee pecan squares

The above is based on these, but I used 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chips from Ghirardelli despite this being a first time, we almost always think these things are too sweet. I might go even darker next time. I also sprinkled Heath bits English Toffee Chips and left the lovely pecans whole. Squares were cut around the pecans. Changes for next time: We’ll take some of the sugar out of the dough, bake it a bit more, and flatten it more. I also put them in the fridge, since the chocolate seemed a touch excessive and wasn’t setting up (fast enough for me and the late hour when I made these). After I chucked it in the fridge the chocolate set up in a few minutes. Then they sliced up nicely.