Caps? Folks, please.

I was working on a longish piece about the “helmet good/helmet bad”, “wear one/don’t wear one” thing.

Sparked by this piece and then compounded by this, where he writes of Alan Colville’s disaster.

But I’ve decided not to because a lot of these things are over thought, and over wrought.

I dig cycling caps. I love riding without a helmet. I almost never do it anymore, but there are times when I do. And maybe the helmet will help me out one day, or maybe it’ll never make a difference or worse. Growing up, no one rode with a helmet, certainly not I. Now everyone does. Sometimes, I don’t want to, but mostly I do.

What changed my mind about writing about this in more depth were pictures I saw from around the world where folks were riding with various helmets, hats, nothing, watch caps, etc. and everyone was managing. The only unifying thread was that they were all on bikes, doing their thing.

So do what you think is right, and let’s stop turning these things into more than they are.

Be safe.


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