It’s nearly impossible to deliver “revolutionary”. Huge leaps in technology are rare. Huge leaps in anything are rare. To create great things you must take steps. Sometimes the largest steps you can. Steps that have some pain associated with them. But by taking steps, your audience, users, clients, etc. can follow along. They might be a bit uncomfortable, they might feel some pain. But they can deal with that. But if no one reaches, no progress is made.

Steve has pushed the boundaries for a long time. He wanted quiet machines that were easy to use. He wanted to eliminate the clutter computers required both mental and physical. He wanted them to be elegant and simple and purposeful. He wants them to disappear into the “doing” of it, without the device being the focus.

He didn’t do this as an artist, working by himself in a studio advancing his personal craft. He edited and filtered the ideas of others, demanded precision and detail, and unforgiving excellence from generations of corporate citizens. He needed folks to follow along, trust his instincts, fix everything down the tiniest details. And then do it again, and again, and again.

To me it very much a tortoise and hare story. He kept going when others said enough. That’s a hell of thing. Because it’s easy to say “enough”.

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