How we would be

Noah reminds me, most days, to live closely to who you are. And sometimes you try on new things and see how they work.

Some of this is a question of perspective. I once took a short hike, but it was my turn to carry the load… literally. I carried a large day pack and had food and water and extra clothing for all of us. Not too far in to the wilds of New Hampshire a couple comes hiking down the trail, and we meet over the tussle of who’s coming up, who’s going down, and stepping around the usually close trail.

What they saw was a guy on an adventure… backpack, walking stick, etc. Where’d you camp they asked? Where are you staying tonight? I granted their confusion… I’ve been that guy, I’ve done those things enough for authenticity to remain in evidence. But still, I was not that guy that day. But it was clearly exciting for them to meet someone that was doing that… like they wanted to but hadn’t got there yet.

We see who and what we want. We see problems if that’s what we want. We see Truth if that’s what we need. The power of seeing is in allowing room for others to be seen as they wish, rather than what we wish for them. By seeing, actually seeing, people as they are, we can empower them to live as they choose… or as they wish to, even they’re not there yet.

Changing settings give people that freedom. Move to a new place where no one knows you and it is easy to weave a new story if you choose. The trick, as it were, it to get people to see you as you wish to be seen without that fresh start. Evolving a story is more complicated and requires permission and time.

But don’t let any of this stop you from living how you choose, with a vision for yourself as you wish it to be. Just realize that it may take a long time for others to see it as well. It doesn’t make it less true. People who you see as they wish to be seen could well see you as you wish to be seen. And may help you get where you want to go.

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