On Netflix

Folks keep asking why the old DVD service will gain a new company name… Qwickster

My take? They’re just “riding down” the DVD through the mail thing until infrastructure and services support streaming for us all… and by then Netflix will be a “cable company”. Therefore, they don’t want that “ebbing” business associated with the Netflix brand. Hmmm.

Streaming in some forms works very nicely. One version provided by Cablevision (much as I can’t stand them) which I’ve only tried on the smallest of screens (my phone), has an app that while you’re on your home network will allow you watch whatever is “on the air” so to speak. It works nicely.

To rely on that same net connection (amazing that it can be so poor at some things and yet manage the above) for a more generalized stream of HD movies etc. is to plan long in advance, be uncertain of your plans, and hopeful that streaming means “local caching”. If doesn’t, it doesn’t really work.

That said, I almost never watch a movie… so none of this really impacts me.

All in all, Netflix clearly made a mistake when they gave streaming away for free. There ain’t no thing… etc.

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