Retroshift: These are pretty cool…though I don’t know about $140 without the actual shifters, $220 with. [I saw these the other day and thought “nifty”. I already use these shifters on my Jones with a Paul’s “Thumbies” adapters and really like them. I could easily see where these work cleanly and make a… Continue reading Retroshift

HTTP Signature authentication scheme

A Bit More About the New Joyent Cloud API: To solve this problem with SmartDataCenter, we’re introducing the HTTP Signature authentication scheme, which is already released as open source. The HTTP Signature scheme allows for digital signatures to be leveraged as your credentials, and does not imply any particular key management scheme. It should be… Continue reading HTTP Signature authentication scheme

Spotify v. Radio – A Study in Dubious Conclusions

Spotify v. Radio – A Study in Dubious Conclusions: …radio trumps Spotify both in terms of revenue and in terms of promotion. A single radio spin will not only bring in more money than thousands of Spotify streams, but will also put your music in front of thousands (millions?) of people who would’ve otherwise had… Continue reading Spotify v. Radio – A Study in Dubious Conclusions