These are OK Telling a true story, with objectivity and…

These are OK:

Telling a true story, with objectivity and…:

Mike Daisey could have performed a monologue about going to Taiwan to visit the Wolfconn factory where they make the Orange ePhone. He could have played a character not named Mike Daisey, or he could have presented his story as “inspired by real events” rather than as some new form of investigative theater. The artistic value of the piece would have been the same, though it may have received less attention. But instead, Daisey put himself in the story, he made up stuff about China and Apple and Foxconn, and then, offstage, he told everyone it was objectively true.

[This story continues to make my blood boil. It doesn’t seem like much of the media understands how destructive this is to them. CBS gave the whole thing a big pass Sunday morning.]

Source: venomous porridge

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