Should you skip college?

Should you skip college?:

To me that was like playing video games. It was something else to get a degree in playing. I think for everyone who discovers something they love it’s like that.

[Yes! It is like that for me too, when I’m interested in what I’m learning about. The biggest problem I see, is that some crafts, trades, or skills are valued over others. It’s crazy. We need them all, and we need people who are good at them, who love them, who advance them to practice them. Don’t send your kids to liberal arts college just because, make sure there’s something there that they care about. If your little girl loves building cars, or welding, or swinging a hammer, if your boy loves to sew and design clothing, if your kid loves to build robots, or plant gardens. Make sure that there is time to indulge that desire. I assure you it’ll pay off for them in a happy life, and for all of us in that they’ll do what they love for living.]

Source: Scripting News

4 thoughts on “Should you skip college?

    • And I’m not disagreeing. Nor am I saying that everyone shouldn’t go to college. But what I would say to myself, is consider what I love and consider what it cost and make a smart decision about whether it makes sense. It’s no longer automatic. As an example, Lot’s or programmers don’t have college degrees or any college.

  1. Gerry says:

    While I agree with everything you say it should be noted that …… pay for college graduates has risen by 15.7 percent over the past 32 years (after adjustment for inflation) while the income of a worker without a high school diploma has plummeted by 25.7 percent over the same period.

    And some people (like me) who hired lots of programmers would only interview college graduates. I know, I know, some of the smartest people didn’t graduate from college, but if you like playing the odds, if you take 100 people with degrees and 100 without, the people with degrees will (on average) be the smarter group.

    • I think that’s mostly true, an not a bad bet. However, the world is changing very quickly, and the universities (and all schools as a rule) are not. And therein lies the rub.

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