Why the new iPad screen is the future of display

ipad screen large

Why the new iPad screen is the future of display:

Well, I am sure Steve Jobs and friends looked at that situation several years ago and saw “stuck” instead of “settled.” The new iPad is the first clear clue that this was the case.

[I’m amazed at how well the whole idea of improved resolution holds up. Not everything needs it… the resolution of the thermostats I installed the other day seem just fine, and they don’t appear to be ‘retina’ level displays, but then, seriously, how often do I want to look at them? If they’re doing their job, I don’t. My phone however, I look at all the time, and it makes some other devices I own almost impossibly crude by comparison. Same with the monitor in the office vs. the one I have at home. Screen real estate matters, and so does resolution.]

Source: Doc Searls Weblog

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