Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander:

Best piece I’ve read in the aftermath of the Aurora massacre. I agree with every word.

[I can’t agree with every word because some of the words are factually wrong. However, I agree with the following:

“But this is not the time for reasonable people, on both sides of this issue, to be silent. We owe it to the people whose lives were ended and ruined yesterday to insist on a real discussion and hopefully on some real action.

In conclusion, whoever you are and wherever you stand on this issue, I hope you have the joy of family with you today. Hold onto them and love them as best you can. Tell them what they mean to you. Yesterday, a whole bunch of them went to the movies and tonight their families are without them. Every day is precious. ”

What Jason suggests is the one thing that we can do, because I do not believe that there is an answer in Washington for this problem, and never will be.]

Source: Daring Fireball

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