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An iPad Review, Sort Of:

Joe Posnanski:

I left my iPad on a plane the other day. The crazy thing about it — as if there needs to be an extra layer of crazy about leaving a hugely expensive and personal and professionally vital device on an airplane — was that I thought about it five minutes before I did it. Not after. BEFORE.

[So, ok, I haven’t (yet?) left my phone somewhere or iPad or whatever… but I do know that feeling and I try to pay attention to it. When I put down my keys and something whispers in my ear “You’ll not remember where you left these…” I try and not just chuckle, but pick up my keys and not put them there. Or tools while I’m working. Or whatever. And yet with all that, having just come home from a vacation, I couldn’t find my keys this morning nor several other things that are usually in one pocket of the bag that I usually carry. It would have been easier to take the bag along without removing anything… next time. BTW, Have you seen my keys?]

Source: Daring Fireball

[Thanks for all the suggestions, although some of them were a bit rude. On the topic of my keys however, I knew there was one bag that had not been unpacked. They were in there.]

A 40-Minute Crash Course In Design Thinking | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

A 40-Minute Crash Course In Design Thinking | Co.Design: business + innovation + design:

Inge Druckrey has been teaching design for more than 40 years. But what she has really been doing is teaching people to see. “You really learn to look,” she says in the opening lines of Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See, remarking on the benefits of an education in art and design. “And it pays off….Suddenly you begin to see wonderful things in your daily life that you never noticed.”

[Wonderful. Well worth the 40 minutes. And the creator of a favorite poster (the Beethoven poster for YSO]

In defence of music

In defence of music:

And so I am here in defence of music. Of music music—not social music sites, not music apps, not the ability to stream, or the ability to store songs in the cloud. I am here to extol the delicious, indescribable good that music can be to our ears, our psyches, our souls. I am here in particular to extol the marvelousness of recorded music, for its ability to be with us where we are, to soothe us and stir us and remind us, in ways both ineffable and unmistakable, of nothing less than the majesty of life itself.

[Not a perfect piece, but they’ve got a point.]