Last of the warmest rides…

Nights are cool, days are warm. Autumn is around the corner. I love that riding during the mid day gets more comfortable. I dislike that the early morning rides are cold. But overall one of my favorite times of year. The pic snapped this past Sunday morning on a quick 20 mile jaunt into the Park. The herds of deer were around, including these two little ones.

Idyllic ride...

★ Amazon’s Play

★ Amazon’s Play:

Om Malik argues that Bezos is the inheritor to Steve Jobs’s crown. I agree. Not because Bezos has copied anything Jobs did, but because he has not. What he’s done that is Jobs-like is doggedly pursue, year after year, iteration after iteration, a vision unlike that of any other company — all in the name of making customers happy.

[Why is it so hard for folks to remember this? Making customers happy is all there is.]

Source: Daring Fireball

A quick bit of BS skewering

A quick bit of BS skewering:

Either own what you said, accept both the reaction and the consequences of what you say, or stop saying things that only an asshole would say. To paraphrase Randy Millholland, for someone who doesn’t thrive on controversy, you seem to say some shitty things about people a lot.

Either way, for the love of christ, stop crying that people are thinking unkind things about you when you say things about them that are kind of shitty. If being thought of as an asshole bothers you, stop being one.


[If nothing else, it’s to the point.]