The Next Big… uh, Slightly Taller Thing

The Next Big… uh, Slightly Taller Thing:

Please, enough with the “iOS is not for power users” argument. Don’t tell me that the ability for a word processing application to open any RTF document in your iCloud document storage rather than just the ones assigned to its sandbox must be forbidden on the grounds that it might confuse Aunt Tillie. Don’t tell me it would create unnecessary user confusion to let FireFox for iOS ask “Make Firefox your default browser?” on first run, and to have that as a dropdown somewhere in Settings. Aunt Tillie has figured out manual transmission cars, child-proof pill bottles and digital alarm clocks; she will not be reduced to sobbing existential despair when presented with a few more toggles on her phone’s configuration screen.

[Smack on. Yes, I believe that design is making choices, but the choice to not allow you to customize this behavior feels wrong to me as well.]

Source: Coyote Tracks