Voting matters

Voting matters:

I’m exhausted trying to keep up with everything. I want it all to be simple. Like when I was a kid and my father made all the decisions.

And a vote for Barack Obama means the same damned thing.

[And that’s the real problem. The system is so broken that neither candidate is meaningfully different. And the selection process? Incurably broken. And yet, it still matters if everyone gets involved.]

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Physical location in connection with data

Bruce Willis in “DRM Hard”:

But at second glance, this really does bring up some interesting questions, doesn’t it? Digital copies of all our media is already becoming the norm rather than the exception, and it’s my suspicion that in the future—probably sooner than we think—the notion of physical location in connection with data will all but vanish. And, as in so many other areas, our social mores and the legal system that nominally reflects them will lag a considerable distance behind.

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