The Background Noise Was Louder than I Realized

The Background Noise Was Louder than I Realized:

All of these things are noise. They’re below the threshold of what matters. Imagine you started hanging out with people who were all, legitimately, writing books. They each have their own work styles and organization methods and issues with finding time to write efficiently. As a software designer, you might see some ways to help them overcome small frustrations with their tools or maybe even find an opportunity for a new kind of writing app. But I can guarantee that GPU numbers and programming language missteps and the horrors of dynamic typing will have no relevance to any of what you observe.

[It is really important to pay attention to whatever is degrading the signal to voice ratio in your life. Speaking of which, this last week of almost no connectivity, even less television (I barely watch anything but news and sports) gave me reason to think about this very issue in my own life some more. But what I learned is that to great degree I have these under control. Nice to know.]

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