“Over the Top: The new war for TV”

“Over the Top: The new war for TV”:

As it is, I’ve been without cable/satellite for two years now, and I mostly don’t miss it, but I have very little interest in live sports. I’ve realized one big problem with the Apple TV approach, though. An application-centered interface paradigm is fine for a smartphone or tablet, but a television wants a content-centered interface. An icon for every service is passable (although not ideal) for replicating the channel surfing experience, but I want a screen which shows me all my subscriptions and favorites across every service on the device. If I want to answer the question “Are there any new episodes of ‘Castle’” I shouldn’t have to first answer “am I getting ‘Castle’ through iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, or the ABC app”.

[So filled with promise, so less than compelling. ]

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