“Over the Top: The new war for TV”

“Over the Top: The new war for TV”:

As it is, I’ve been without cable/satellite for two years now, and I mostly don’t miss it, but I have very little interest in live sports. I’ve realized one big problem with the Apple TV approach, though. An application-centered interface paradigm is fine for a smartphone or tablet, but a television wants a content-centered interface. An icon for every service is passable (although not ideal) for replicating the channel surfing experience, but I want a screen which shows me all my subscriptions and favorites across every service on the device. If I want to answer the question “Are there any new episodes of ‘Castle’” I shouldn’t have to first answer “am I getting ‘Castle’ through iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, or the ABC app”.

[So filled with promise, so less than compelling. ]

Source: Coyote Tracks

2 thoughts on ““Over the Top: The new war for TV”

    • Thanks. but someone will get this right. His comment is correct, it’s not about from “where” I would get such a thing. I don’t want to know about the NFL app that will let me get football games, I just want to watch the Giants play, or watch the Tour, etc. Discovery of new content would become an issue under that interface, but the current app thing doesn’t help with that either. It’s a mess. One day…

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