Scripting News: Heat-seeking missiles.

Scripting News: Heat-seeking missiles.:

This stretch of beach was about 10 miles long, and except for a town in the middle of it, mostly empty. One morning I decided to take my swim via car. I drive a couple of miles south, on a stretch of beach that was totally empty. I laid out the towel, read for a while, then went for my swim. When I came back, there was another car parked right next to mine. The people were gone, so I couldn’t ask them why they chose that spot, when there were so many other places to stop that were totally secluded.

[Dave’s example is more extreme, but I find the same thing is true at the mall. I park far away from everyone. I’m rarely at a mall during its peak hours. I love walking. Yes, almost invariably when I return from my errand there’s rows of empty spaces, but someone parked right next to me. And sometimes so closely that I can’t get back in my car without climbing in on the passenger side. That’s crazy. I’ve considered printing up cards for the occasion so I can leave one on their windshield.]

Source: Scripting News

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