Larkfarm: Random Bits: Twitterless and Happy

Larkfarm: Random Bits:

Rather, it’s a simple reflection of one fact of life: the payoff from Twitter does not, for me, justify the time investment.

I’m coming up on 52 years old in less than two months. I’m acutely aware, in a fashion that was not true in my twenties, that everything I choose to do uses up some of my dwindling supply of hours on this earth. As life goes on, I find that this makes me ever pickier about what I’m willing to spend time on. Some things – like earning a living and supporting my kids – are simply not optional. But for many others, the question is simple: is this the most enjoyable and fulfilling thing that I could be doing with these hours?

[I hear that. Been in the back of my mind as far back as I can remember.]

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