American Airlines earned an enemy

American Airlines earned an enemy:

So that’s the end of our two week nightmare battling American Airlines. A bag lost to gross negligence of American Airlines and that asshole of a passenger who took it in the first place (who takes a wrong bag, filled with baby clothing and toys, fails to report it for almost a week, then doesn’t return it at all?).

Never did someone express a true emotion of empathy at American Airlines. Never an offer to put someone with authority and competence on the case to get to the bottom of it. No offers of even token gestures for our sour experience. No nothing.

American Airlines, you are a terrible company. I hope that your disdain for helping customers in trouble catches up to you one day and you go out of business.

[Well… it doesn’t get worse than that for customer experience does it?]

Two Trillion Objects, 1.1 Million Requests / Second

Amazon Web Services Blog: Amazon S3 – Two Trillion Objects, 1.1 Million Requests / Second:

There are now more than 2 trillion (2 x 1012) objects stored in Amazon S3 and that the service is regularly peaking at over 1.1 million requests per second.
If you added one S3 object every 60 hours starting at the Big Bang, you’d have accumulated almost two trillion of them by now.

[Given that… would you please fix that leaky faucet? These things add up.]

TV 3.0

TV 3.0:

That abundance is each of ours. How we organize what we watch should be up to us, not to cable systems compiling their own guides that look like spreadsheets, with rows of channels and columns of times. We can, and should, do better than that. Also better than what YouTube gives us, based on what its machines think we might want.

Today Google is the box we need to think outside of. So let’s re-start there.

[You have to read the whole thing… Doc at his brilliant best.]

Source: Doc Searls Weblog