∞ Apple Support: How to find your lost AirPods

∞ Apple Support: How to find your lost AirPods:

The first bit of this video is pretty straight-forward. Launch Find My, then tap Find.

But watch the video all the way through. There are subtleties (like the left and right buttons in the upper left) and details on activating Lost Mode.

Not rocket science, but better to be familiar with the process now, less stress when you can’t find your AirPods and that frantic search begins.


Source: The Loop

Brik Font: Creating Type with Lego

Brik Font: Creating Type with Lego:

Craig Ward has been creating letterforms using Lego bricks and posting the results to Instagram. The ones I really love are the anti-aliased letters — reminds me of zooming all the way in to do detail work in Photoshop back when I was a web designer.

There is just something so satisfying about meticulously rendering digital artifacts in a physical medium like Lego.

[So good!]

Source: kottke.org