Apple previews innovative accessibility features – Apple

Apple previews innovative accessibility features – Apple:

Apple today previewed innovative software features that introduce new ways for users with disabilities to navigate, connect, and get the most out of Apple products. These powerful updates combine the company’s latest technologies to deliver unique and customizable tools for users, and build on Apple’s long-standing commitment to making products that work for everyone.

[One group that I don’t feel is classified as disabled is the elderly. As we age, things that were once easy and not requiring much through or intention become difficult to impossible. Part of the issue is the huge spread in ability as we age… there’s no easy single solution. But there is similarity to other stages of life and therefore we should be able to produce features that make it easier to manage the complexity of device life.

If anyone would like to work on some ideas in this area, I’d love to be involved. I’m looking at you Apple, but any Indy iOS devs are welcome!]

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