Where there’s muck, there’s brass

Where there’s muck, there’s brass: The one thing that so many of today’s cute startups have in common is that all they have is a simple little Ruby-on-Rails Ajax site that has no barriers to entry and doesn’t solve any gnarly problems. So many of these companies feel insubstantial and fluffy, because, out of necessity (the whole company is three kids and an iguana), they haven’t solved anything difficult yet. Until they do, they won’t be solving problems for people. People pay for solutions to their problems. [Nice article.]
Source: Joel on Software

New York Times Employees Say Renzo Forgot the Bike Parking

New York Times Employees Say Renzo Forgot the Bike Parking: There was just one problem. While the Times and developer Forest City Ratner were promoting their new Renzo Piano-designed skyscraper as a “technologically advanced and environmentally sensitive” exemplar of green construction, a lack of bike parking and policies hostile towards cyclists were discouraging employees from commuting to work by the city’s most environmentally-friendly mode of urban transport.
[I have a similar problem in my current location… there’s no way to bring a bike into the building, leaving a bike outside all the time is a poor idea. Sad. So little thought to the simple things that improve everyone’s life.]
Source: StreetsBlog