Reviews – HUDZ:The Shimano and Campagnolo compatible replacement brake hoods have since been featured and reviewed by the likes of Cyclingnews and PezCycling News.

While these reviews showed how HUDZ can make your current steed look uniquely and distinctly your own, or make a brand new bike that much sexier, neither spoke to the philanthropy behind it. HUDZ are truly the cycling product that gives back.

A portion of the sale, for specific colors, is tied to a charity.[I know someone who has to have these in pink. Shouldn’t be too long.]
Source: Triple Crankset

Fluid – Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard

Fluid – Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard: f so, Site Specific Browsers (SSBs) provide a great solution for your webapp woes. Using Fluid, you can create SSBs to run each of your favorite webapps as a separate desktop application. Fluid gives any webapp a home on your Mac OS X desktop complete with Dock icon, standard menu bar, and logical separation from your other web browsing activity. [Trying it now… early days, but it seems to work as advertised. Nice.]