City Pedestrian Crossings Are Discriminatory by Design

City Pedestrian Crossings Are Discriminatory by Design: The team found that senior citizens begin to show signs of distress and engage in dangerous crossing behavior — such as speeding up their walking pace, walking unsteadily, standing in the street before beginning to cross and crossing before the signal has changed — at wider crossings to compensate for the fact that they walk at slower speeds. Coupled with the fact that 95 percent of vehicles observed during the study period did not yield to pedestrians, the study concludes that wider streets present unacceptable risks to elderly pedestrians. These risks have an overwhelming impact on the well-being and quality of life of senior citizens. [What a mess…]
Source: StreetsBlog

Announcing SunSpider 0.9 (A New JavaScript Benchmark From the WebKit Team)

Announcing SunSpider 0.9: Incidentally, we’ve been doing a lot of work on JavaScript performance lately. If you’re interested in helping out, stop by the mailing list, or the #webkit IRC channel on and say hi. Our engine is highly hackable so it’s easier than you think to get started.[I so love it when others do performance work…]
Source: Surfin’ Safari