We’re getting our Mojo on…

The first of the Clif Mojo bars have been delivered for the Great Mojo bar Taste Test. More deliveries soon! Testers, start your buds.

The instant hit in my household was the new dipped peanut butter and jelly flavor Mojo bar. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that peanut butter and jelly is one of the great flavor combinations of all time. In fact, one could argue that it should be elevated to an essential nutrient combination that absolutely no one should live without. I here so nominate it as such. Sadly, I live for long periods of time without enjoying the essence of life that is PB&J because in sandwich form it packs an awful lot of stuff (calories, grams of this and that) into a fairly dense package. Not a good general choice for me. So once in a great while, as a treat, an indulgence, a gustatory extremism of the highest caliber, a lark even, I break out this extremely important flavor combination and have at it.

Now, however, courtesy of the new dipped Mojo bar, this flavor combo is far more available to me. I can budget for it far more simply. I can eat half a bar, and still get a huge thrill. It’s nirvana in a small package.

Wow, you’re thinking, the Great Mojo bar Taste Test is over! Nah. I said it was a hit. Not the winner. Possibly not even my favorite, never mind the favorite of the other participants. So more Mojo coming soon…

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