Ride #11: This Year It’s All About the Pain

Ride #11: This Year It’s All About the Pain:
It’s going to hurt, but I’m serious about really getting into shape this year.[It’s funny how you posted this today when I also posted although it was more about cycling related stuff than my plans for cycling. So as an update… I’m already riding stronger than I was through most of last year. And I expect that this may well be best year on the bike ever, despite my schedule. I was reminded last year not to set goals because my life finds a way to mock them mercilessly. I also mentioned that my lack of fitness and previous desire to improve became seriously debilitating. I’ve thrown all that away. It may be back one day, but for now, the riding is about fun. The cadence I choose is what feels comfortable. Where and when I ride will be about fun. I will work on technique when I choose so that too will be fun. And while I have issues with goal setting (and Seth disagrees) last year only proved me right for myself anyway. I had goals, I didn’t come close to meeting them because of major course changes, and they demotivated me in a serious way. I’m back to my old ways, making little course corrections, working on the stuff I’m bad at, and inspecting the result fairly often. Then I’ll look back at what I accomplished with, well, a sense of accomplishment. Or I could continue to set a goal of finally meeting Seth, and going for ride, and failing to accomplish that as well. Heh. We’ll see…]
Source: Truer Words – A Journal

One thought on “Ride #11: This Year It’s All About the Pain

  1. I think the big difference, for me, is that a goal is more like a milestone or a waypoint than a target. If I have a goal of 5000 miles, I don’t stop when I reach it. If I have a goal of shrinking down to 235 pounds, I’m not going to stop riding and start eating ice cream for breakfast. It’s just something that helps motivate me.

    The riding is an end unto itself, because I love riding, but it’s not the ONLY “end.” I try to accomplish other things with my cycling time as well. The goals are just those things I’m trying to accomplish (lose weight, better health, raise money for cancer research, make friends, etc., etc., etc.)

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