Comfortable clothes

When I say that about clothes I wear it means that I don’t notice the clothes as I wear them. They fit in such a way as not to need adjustment—certainly not near constant adjustment.

Fashion is a complex subject because it is so subjective. While I have learned to understand that fashion doesn’t have to be comfortable for some folks, I found a line today that I wish more folks wouldn’t cross.

It was a very warm day out for spring in New York. 90F. More like summer than spring around here. As I ran an errand today in the heart of midtown NYC I saw lots of folks from all walks of life, countries, and origins. The melting pot was on full display. As was a great deal of skin. In some cases, way too much in my opinion. In other cases, while folks were still technically dressed, they weren’t really covered. And a joy to behold. But that’s not the point really.

One woman in particular aimed to walk down the street alternately tugging and lifting her dress. First tugging it down in the back, then lifting it higher in the front. Then tugging, then lifting. All while trying to walk and carry shopping bags.

I’m not sure what herd instinct caused her to put that dress on when she was clearly uncomfortable with what it revealed. And while some would argue fashion, I would say that it becomes a “fashion don’t” when you can’t walk down the street without adjusting coverage with every step. It’s just ridiculous.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you can’t wear something revealing without being able to ignore or feel comfortable with the amount of you revealed, consider wearing something that does make you comfortable… and to hell with fashion and what others are wearing. This public service announcement has been brought to you by the letter C and the number 4.